First Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Loving God, Loving Others

Church History

The First Baptist Church began as a mission out of South Dakota in the late 1940's. It began as the vision of a young high school girl who desired to see a Baptist work in Newcastle, and became a church in 1950, with 60 Charter members.  Rev. Henry H. DeNeui helped start the church, and Rev. Gordon L. Sandars became the first official pastor. 
The initial years at First Baptist saw many pastors serve short tenures. (Click here for a list of all the Pastors who have served at First Baptist).  In 1985 the church called Rev. Dave Barkey as Senior Pastor.  Under his leadership the church began a new ministry philosophy that helped set the stage for First Baptist Church's current ministry.
In May 1995 First Baptist called Rev. Jim Jones as Senior Pastor, who for nine years continued and built upon the ministry that had been started.  From November 2004 to September 2008, Dr. Michael C. Spencer served as Senior Pastor.   
In October 2008, Rev. Jeff Dilks was called as Interim Senior Pastor.  After a year-long search, First Baptist Church called Pastor Gary Anderson as Senior Pastor in August of 2009.  
After over 60 years of ministry, First Baptist continues to faithfully spread the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to our community and around the world.  It is our sincere desire to be a God-directed church!  We hope that you desire to be a part of "our story!"