First Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Loving God, Loving Others

How to Join Our Church Family





At the end of each worship service, we have what is called in church language “an invitation.”  This is a time that we are inviting you to do business with God.  This is also the time that you would express your interest in becoming a member of our church.
In Baptist Churches, you can become a member of the church in one of three ways.


·       By Profession of Faith and Baptism
Please see the information on this web site on “How to Be Saved.”

·       By Transfer of Letter
If you are a member of another Baptist Church, but would like to unite with us, we will contact your old church and have them transfer your membership to us.  This is an important action, since it helps to keep our church roles up to date.
·       By Statement of Faith

If you are a member of another church that is not Baptist, but you know that you belong to Jesus Christ, and you have been scripturally baptized (by immersion), you can become a member of our church by advising us of those facts, and of your desire to unite with us.  We will notify your old church that you have united with us.  This is also the method to join when you are a member of a church that is no longer in existence.

If you would like to become a member of our church, but don’t fully understand what it all means, just get with the pastor or one of our members, and we will be happy to sit down with you and address any issues you may have!